Campbell to continue face to face approach

Wainuiomata Ward candidate Campbell Barry will continue his face-to-face approach while campaigning by knocking on 1,000 doors over the next 9 weeks. “I have a belief that you cannot be an effective representative unless you are knee deep in the issues that matter to people”. Mr Barry says that direct face-to-face contact is the best way to get knee deep.

The concept of door knocking is not new to Mr Barry, for the past three years while being on the community board he ventured out each summer to listen and discuss local issues with residents. “I really enjoy getting out to the different neighbourhoods in Wainuiomata, nearly everyone is welcoming once they realise I am not trying to sell them something”.

Keep an eye out on Campbell’s Facebook page for up to date information on which neighbourhoods he will be visiting over the coming weeks.



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