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Campbell to continue face to face approach

Wainuiomata Ward candidate Campbell Barry will continue his face-to-face approach while campaigning by knocking on 1,000 doors over the next 9 weeks. “I have a belief that you cannot be an effective representative unless you are knee deep in the issues that matter to people”. Mr Barry says that direct face-to-face contact is the best way to get knee deep.

The concept of door knocking is not new to Mr Barry, for the past three years while being on the community board he ventured out each summer to listen and discuss local issues with residents. “I really enjoy getting out to the different neighbourhoods in Wainuiomata, nearly everyone is welcoming once they realise I am not trying to sell them something”.

Keep an eye out on Campbell’s Facebook page for up to date information on which neighbourhoods he will be visiting over the coming weeks.




How Do I Vote In The Local Body Elections?

STEP 1: Make sure you are enrolled to vote

i) You have to be 18 to be able to enrol to vote

ii) You can enrol or check your enrollment details at

iii) You must enrol by the 16th August 2013 in order to receive your voting papers by post. If you enrol after this date then you must cast a ‘special vote’.

iv) You can cast a special vote by contacting Hutt City Council’s election officer. This is Bruce Hodgins. Contact Bruce at or call 570 6666


STEP 2: It’s not the same as parliamentary elections. You vote by post in local body

i) You will receive your voting papers between 20-25th of September

ii) Your voting papers will include elections for the following positions:

1) Mayoralty of Lower Hutt City

2) Councillor Elections in your Council Ward – I.e. Wainuiomata Ward

3) Community Board for your area

4) Greater Wellington Regional Council – Lower Hutt Constituency

5) Hutt Valley DHB

6) Hutt Mana Charitable Trust

You will also receive a ‘candidates booklet’ with blurbs on each candidate.


STEP 3: Once you have completed your voting forms send it back!

i) There will be an envelope to return your voting papers in

ii) You can return your voting papers by posting it back or by taking it to your local library

iii) Your voting papers must be returned by the 12th October. So it is important that you send your papers back at least 3-4 days before then. You should aim to send it away by the 8th of October at the lastest


TIP: Vote as soon as you get your voting papers, and return them straight away. It’s easy to forget once you put them aside!!


Campbell announces his candidacy for council

Community board member Campbell Barry last night announced that he will be standing for Council in the Wainuiomata Ward at the up and coming local body elections. Campbell made his announcement at the Wainuiomata Rugby Club in front of 100 supporters who turned out for his campaign launch.

Campbell feel’s as if the time is right to get involved at the council level. “Being a member on the board for the past 3 years has created a real passion for me to see our community grow and prosper” Campbell says. “Wainuiomata and our City face a wide range of challenges that need to be tackled head on”. Campbell believes that his ‘hands on’ approach, which has been successful over the past 3 years, will be an asset around the council table if elected.

“Wainuiomata needs a strong voice on council, I promise to be that voice”.

In Campbell’s speech to supporters he stressed how important it is that the people champion and lead initiatives and projects within the community. “Councillors and Council Officers come and go, but the people who live local are here for the long haul. Locals have a vested interest, and council should be utilising this to create positive change across the board”.